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Our Workshops

Find out more about our workshops below!


Two days of producing a full dance production!

Using music from your favourite musicals and movies, students will produce a short dance production showcasing a variety of dance styles and techniques. Everyone will also have the opportunity to build stagecraft skills and learn how the production is put together.

On the second day, we use professional lighting and sound to create a film to be sent out to our family and friends!

There are lots of other activities on offer including talent shows, choreography challenges and a tuck shop.

We believe in rewarding students for their hard work so have a variety of certificates, trophies and prizes to be throughout the two days! We will announce the winners at the end of our film!

These workshops are available at Easter, Christmas and Half Term Holidays!

Modern Ballet Dancers
Empty Theater


Build a full production of your favourite musicals in just five days!

Across five days, students will learn a variety of dances, script work and songs from a hit musical. Everyone will be involved with both scripted and chorus work so there is something for everyone - you can choose if you would prefer more dance or more drama! Students will also have the opportunity to direct, do costuming, stage make up and so much more.

On the evening of our final day, we will take to the stage to showcase our full production in a professional environment with costuming and make up! Family and friends are invited to come  along and watch for free - once COVID guidelines are permitting.

Other activities include; student director positions, choreography challenges and a tuck shop.

At the end of the show, we will hand out awards to those that have shown dedication and hard work throughout the week as well as a prize for all of our performers!

These workshops will be available in the Summer Holidays only!

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